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Underground Forest

The River of the Depths connects the fourth and fifth levels of Undermountain, skirting the edges of vast caverns filled with trees, shrubs, birds, other animals, and sunlight. An entire forest, as real as any found on the surface, waits to be explored, but an archdruid protects it. And explorers traveling downriver have seen a huge green dragon as well, perched on a tower near a bridge that spans the river.


The Sea of Swords has borne its share of pirate ships, none stranger than the Scavenger. This vessel could travel below the waves and through the air. No one has seen it in years. Perhaps it sank or was lost in the starry maelstrom of the night sky, but divination spells suggest it found its way into Undermountain. Others have searched for it below Waterdeep, but no one has found it and lived to tell the tale.


Skullport overlooks the Sargauth River, a watery thoroughfare that cuts through the third level of Undermountain. Pirates once used the subterranean settlement as a trade port, but now it’s a monster-infested haunt where spies and assassins hone their craft. Beware the fortress overlooking the river! Its garrison is commanded by an evil knight with a wyvern mount.

Tangled Web

Secret temples exist in great numbers in Undermountain, particularly those of evil gods not welcomed in the city above. The vile servants of these deities are locked in an endless war for supremacy in the dark dungeon. Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders, is the fiendish mastermind behind many of these bloody conflicts.


One of Halaster’s apprentices was a human transmuter named Arcturia, who created all manner of new monsters and often made herself the subject of her own horrid magical transformations. She claimed an entire level of Undermountain as her lair and polymorphed prisoners into monsters to guard it. It’s likely that Arcturia resides in Undermountain still, in one form or another.

Trobriand’s Army

Trobriand was one of Halaster’s most promising and demented apprentices. Fascinated by machines, he carved out a level of the Mad Mage’s dungeon for himself and set to work building an army of constructs there. It is said that Trobriand controls his creations with a metal ring, and that he crafted similar rings of lesser power for his apprentices, to protect them in the event that his constructs went insane.

Dark Elf Menace

Recent conflicts in Menzoberranzan have left weakened drow houses fearing for their future. Drow are coming to Undermountain in droves to carve out sanctuaries for one house or another. Halaster can’t be happy to see them return in force, but who knows? Maybe the Mad Mage orchestrated the upheaval to bring the dark elves scurrying back for reasons beyond the comprehension of the sane.

Nester’s Fate

Halaster brought seven apprentices with him to Undermountain. One of them, Nester, became a lich using spells and methods of his own devising. But his process was flawed, and over time Nester’s phylactery and body disintegrated until only his floating skull and skeletal arms remained. Driven mad by his failure to achieve true lichdom, Nester continues to haunt Undermountain in this weakened form.

School of Magic

Rumor has it that a wizards’ academy has opened on one of Undermountain’s levels. It’s not known who runs this academy—perhaps one of Halaster’s apprentices or the Mad Mage himself—but many mages have been drawn down to it. What wizard wouldn’t want to glimpse the powerful magic gathering dust in the depths of Undermountain?


Much of Undermountain was built long ago by the shield dwarves of the Melairkyn clan. These dwarves were masters of stonework and hid many of their rooms behind secret doors. They also dug deep in search of precious metals. These mines were later stripped by duergar invaders, leaving a maze of worthless tunnels and caverns for monsters to inhabit.

Guild of Many Eyes

A thieves’ guild that was driven from Waterdeep long ago still lurks in Undermountain, waiting and scheming to win back power in the city above. These villains make the sewers unsafe for honest folk to venture into. They have recently taken over Skullport, a subterranean town connected to Undermountain.

Immortal Insanity

The Mad Mage of Undermountain has destroyed himself or been destroyed many times, but his demise is always short-lived. Folk say the dungeon cannot exist without him, and so it magically re-creates the archmage whenever he meets his end within its crumbling halls. Each time Halaster returns, less of his sanity remains.




Durnan ist der Eigentümer und Inhaber des Yawning Portals. Obwohl er wie ein Mann mittleren Alters aussieht, dessen beste Tage hinter ihm liegen, hat Durnan einen scharfen Verstand und kann immer noch das Schwert schwingen, wenn es sein muss. Er spricht nicht gerne über seine Vergangenheit, und er verrät nichts über seine Zeit als Abenteurer.

Das Yawning Portal, eine berühmte Gaststätte und Taverne am Osthang des Waterdeeps, verdankt seinen Namen einem 40 Fuß großen Brunnen, der in die erste Ebene des Unterbergs hinabsteigt. In der Mitte des Schankraums gelegen, war der Brunnen einst die Außenhülle des mächtigen Halaster-Turms, der vor langer Zeit abgerissen wurde. Seine steilen Mauern bestehen aus alten Mörtelsteinen. Neben dieser klaffenden Öffnung hängt eine Winde mit einem einfachen Seilzugmechanismus, mit dem Durnan, der Eigentümer, die Abenteurer in den Schacht hinunterlässt und (manchmal) wieder hochzieht. Durnan steuert die Winde selbst und wird jeweils nur einen Abenteurer transportieren. Die Fahrt dauert 10 Runden, runter und hoch. Das Seil ist mit altem Blut befleckt und lang genug, um bis zum Boden des dunklen Raums am Boden des 140-Fuß-Schachts zu reichen.

Durnan verlangt von den Abenteurern je 1 gp, um in den Schacht hinabzusteigen, unabhängig davon, ob sie sich für das Seil entscheiden oder nicht. Die Rückfahrt kostet auch ein Stück Gold, das im Voraus in einem Eimer nach oben geschickt wird. Er nimmt auch gerne Münzen von Gönnern an, die grausame Wetten auf Abenteurer abschließen wollen, die es wagen, Undermountain zu erkunden, und deren Chancen, lebendig zurückzukehren. „Fünf Golddrachen sagen, dass sie vor einem Tag zurück sind, abzüglich des Kämpfers, des Zauberers und des Klerikers“ ist der Geschmack von Kommentaren, die man oft inmitten von Stürmen betrunkenen Gelächters hört.

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